dance lessons for couples and singles



Forever Young

Dancing retards the aging process immensely! 

Strong Bones
Dance helps in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis for men and women.

Calorie Blaster
Dancing is exercise for our bodies.  It helps us burn calories, while improving our stamina.

Better Blood
New research has discovered that it is necessary to measure both good and bad cholesterol levels when determining our health. 

A Happy Self!

Dancing is a mood elevator & raises our endorphin levels. 


Bolero, Cha Cha, Salsa, Mambo, Merengue, Swing, Hustle, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Samba, Paso doble, Jive, Quickstep 



Dancing just for fun, fitness and enjoyment

If you feel awkward at social events because you’re not a confident dancer, some basic dance lessons can help quell your fears and allow you to enjoy yourself.  Beverly Hills Dance Studio offers a range of casual dancing classes ideal for helping you feel comfortable. As a result, you’ll feel right at home at a local club or an event where social dancing is popular. Courses for the casual dancer will help you gain confidence in a few dance styles in your preferred genre.


Dance to perform with your teacher at competitions or shows

Perhaps you have a background in dancing and would love to pick it up again and even participate in competitions! Even those who are new to the world of dance may have a goal to achieve competition-worthy dance skills. We cater to our competitive dance students by offering more extended dance class programs that get into more detail on the desired dance style. Also, advanced courses are also available to help experienced students perfect their abilities.

"At Beverly Hills Dance Studio - WE CARE! 


Our goal is to ensure that every student receives a life-changing experience through the art of DANCE! 

There are many exciting dance opportunities to help you reach your full potential.


Throughout the year, we coordinate showcases, themed social events, group classes, formation teams, and workshops with some of the nation's top ballroom judges coaches and instructor.  


We are also TOP participants in numerous Dance Sport Competitions around the country! 

Today is YOUR Day - Together, Let's Make It Happen ! " - Oleg Astakhov 🙏

Dance Lessons at Beverly Hills Dance Studio Are The Best Ever!

What People Are Saying:

Dr Isabel Stewart, MD

Oleg Astakhov is not only a great dancer he is one of the best teacher especially in competitive ballroom dancing. He really genuinely cares about his students . Go shine on the dance floor with this amazing teacher.💃

Marilyn Lim, school teacher

Oleg is an amazing teacher on so many levels: he is a consummate professional teacher, so knowledgeable, funny and cares about his students. 💃🏻❤️😘😘

Precious Ratana, actress

Wonderful and skillful teacher who is sincere and genuine, I could not have won so many medals during the competition without his special techniques. Best of the best.😍😘

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What is our typical process of working with a new student?

"We book your first dance lesson not only to try some dance moves but also to talk about goals, dreams, vision, time, and budget! It’s much easier to assess these things in person on our first lesson so I can give you exactly what you need" - Oleg Astakhov 🙏


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