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Just fill out a form below to schedule your first Private Lesson or Introductory 30 min Ballroom Dance Lesson / Consultation and start dancing today!

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What to expect at the first lesson?

"We book our first lesson not only to try some dance moves but also to talk about goals, dreams, vision, time, and budget! It’s much easier to assess these things in person on our first lesson so I can give you exactly what you need" - Oleg Astakhov 🙏

What to wear?

"Comfortable, exercise clothing and shoes. Ideally (but only if you have) -  wear a dance practice skirt and dance shoes" - Oleg Astakhov 🙏

Where to buy Dance Wear and dance shoes?

Los Angeles: CHAMPION DANCE SHOES, 3383 Barham Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90068


tel: 323-874-8704

Do I need a partner?

"No partner needed! You will be dancing with your amazing teacher" - Oleg Astakhov 🙏

How do I pay a teacher?

"You can purchase lessons and packages online (via PayPal or Venmo), or pay teacher in person after a dance lesson with cash or checks" - Oleg Astakhov 🙏

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